Wednesday, June 23, 2010

++ eXtRa ++

these r some of d things dat r not dat important,
but still can spice up ur wedding.

guestbook's something new kan.very rare to see in malay u can opt for was situated right at d main entrance of my house.[btw,d blue album is my engagement album]

this is my guestbook done by my sister!tq yong!

put all ur photo frames to impress the guests...

personalized bunting.we had 2 buntings n 1 banner dat day.if u notice, they have d same design as my wedding card.

personalized signage.done by my BIL.


idayusof said...

eh, guest book tu chanteknye! suka. personalized signage adalah cool!

Zaza D'zia said...

k lynda aka yong mmg kreatip dr dulu sampai skrg..ingat lg surat dia bg kat aku..mangi2..sweet hehe