Monday, April 5, 2010

++ i WisH ++

how i wish i could blog more n more
abt my wedding preps.
but sadly i cant.
everything is stuck at d moment.

going nowhere.

but mum called today
n told me
she has bought quite a lot of things for d favours.

love u mum!

n lovelies.
presenting my bridesmaid!

she's my bestfren,
my enemy,
my love
my hatred.
she's everything dat bottled up to spice my life.

excuse my lame smile.i was too tired.

it's alwiz her n z
dat i will ring 1st when i hv something to gossip on.

n i think i love z
because z has some parts of her.

we can share laughs n tears together.


still remember how we laughed so hard
dat we clutched to our stomachs.
giggling dat annoyed other ppl.

i miss those moments though.

juz hope that she wont make me laugh
during sanding ceremony.
i'll kill her definitely.

this is z's best man.

i'm hoping he n her will hv something special in d future.
*sigh again*

do future brides sigh a lot as i do?


z u r a i n e e said...

kteorg jd pe plak eh ?

Pei Pan said...

Membilang hari lagi je kan? Status dari Cik bertukar Puan. Canggung lagi bunyinya hee :D

::LiYa:: said...

korg adelah dayang2 beta yg jelitawan!

::LiYa:: said...

how i wish i could stop d tym!

z u r a i n e e said...

owhh (: