Friday, April 9, 2010

++ SorRy bUt i LovE u ++

tajuk geli geli.

last nyte before sleeping,
i texted* z a long sms.
n ended up crying under d pillow.

then he replied.

i smiled.
n i was crying n smiling at d same tym.
w/out replying his sms,
i went sleeping.

sorry syg.
i shouldn't have doubted u.

*texted = it is not an english word.i created dat word myself =p. it is a verb that means writing a text message.


aLeYa said...

sweet la Liya..maken dekat dgn date itooo,maken byk cabaran eak..hehe..nway,wish u both epy from da start until da end =))

z u r a i n e e said...

i'm so sorry but i love you...


cm lagu band korea, big bag lak..


::LiYa:: said...

as time flows by,
ppl change.
sumtimes we cant adapt with d changes.
but atleast he tells me why he changed.n i felt relief.hehehe.
thanks doakan kami.

::LiYa:: said...

eh?reely?ade ek?hehehe...tak tahu pon...=)

z u r a i n e e said...

bt0l laa..
wk search big bang-lies..

mmg cm tuh dye ckp..