Thursday, April 8, 2010

++ uS ++

love lies.
it never blossoms all d tyms.
most of d tym u need to get thru
d bumping n winding route.

ppl change n dats including my beloved fiancee.
since he started working,
he changed a lot.
n he changes even more now.
do i change too?
or should i change?

i dunno.
some frens keep on telling me
dat i shuld see things from d bright side.
but i cant be dat +ve all d tyms.
i guess when money comes in,
d attention moves out.

he's been soooo bz working day n nite.
n i mean it.
day n nite.
sumtimes he worked from 8am-8am.
24hrs or more.

he doesnt have d tym to pampered me as he used to.
no more "no-purpose" sms.
no more telling stories.
no more babbling stuffs dat we do daily.
no more sweet bubble talks.
no more flirty-dirty talk.

i miss him.
i miss him a lot.
i miss him.d old him.

he used to be so funny.
he used to crack stupid jokes.
he used to annoy me with millions ways.

n now i'm annoyed by his work.
n i dunt hv d heart to tell him diz.
he said he loves his job.

i should be more supportive.
think more abt d money he earns.

should behave more like a big girl.
n big girl doesnt cry.
she just cries silently in her heart.

i love u syg.
despite d rambling writing here.
i hope u noe dat.