Friday, April 9, 2010

++ WiLL i? ++

incik jam.
can u please stop ticking for a while?
cause u are making me nervous.
62 days to d big day?
with no wedding dress,
dem.i don't feel excited at all.

i only realize that after wedding,
z n i will be living together under 1 same roof.
means i'll need to prepare everything for him.
this never bothered me before.
cause before i got upm offer,
i thought that we are going to live separately.

i was too busy preparing d wedding
that i've forgotten d most important thing is:
wife's responsibilities.

oh my my.
what worry me d most is my cooking.
i know that z is not too fussy about food.
but i am worried.
hm.can i use d word terrified?

i can cook.
i love to cook.
but i don't have d skills.
sometimes it turns out good.
n sometimes it becomes a disaster.
lack of practice maybe?

since i was small,
we have maid at home.
different maids up till i was 18years old.
so i don't have to cook.
i do help mum in d kitchen.
but skills cannot be absorbed through observation.
they need to be practiced!

i'll learn.
i'm sure i can learn fast.
just like my sister.
her cooking is almost like mum's now.
i can be like them.
i must to.

how will it feel to be a wife?
how will it feel to be z's wife?

ehee.diz cartoon is funny.


('',)MiSs mRs.SaMsOL said...

siap sedia jd cikgu awak heheh beserlah tu...t dh pandai lah t masak...t leh share resepi tau..

.. faizuRa .. said...

salam perkenalan..
same2 la kte timba ilmu rumahtangga ni ekk..:D

:: Mr. Imran :: said...

We have diff mood for June. You are waiting for your big day. I am waiting and counting for my last day. Doc said, I just have less than 1 month. Wish you all the best because I don’t know whether I got any chances to wish that when the day comes.

::LiYa:: said...

i will.nnti kite share recipes n pictures.hoho.tak sabar nak join d club!

::LiYa:: said...

hye2 faizura!salam kenal =)

::LiYa:: said...

mr imran::
i've been trying to track u...
i hope u r strong n brave to face this.i'm praying for u.afterall, that's juz a prediction from d doctor...semoge Allah berkati kamu n beri kamu ketabahan n kekuatan...
thanks for d wishes though..

NahWaL said...

yang, baju camne? apsal ada masalah ka?

::LiYa:: said...

mmg bermasalah betol baju sanding neh nahwal!=((