Friday, April 16, 2010

++ KaD KaWeN ++

kad kawen da siap.
perasaan adelah nervous mcm mase
kene bjalan depan ramai org nak ke plamin
tym bertunang dulu.

i hope everything is ok.
plz let it be ok

diz is an emotional week for me.
final week being a teacher.
final week meeting great friends here.
final week meeting d crazy students.
final week in kelapa sawit,kulaijaya,johor.
sempat jadi org johor 6bulan!

i couldnt hold my tears back
when saying gudbye to some good frens.
there were a lot of hugs n kisses.
n me wiping tears.

even the students were holding their tears.
i dont realize that they love me.
since i'm a fierce teacher.
so i tot all students might hate me.

n now it's d end,
i feel sad.
gudbye dearies.
thanks for all the priceless experiences.

i might stop blogging for a while.
coz i'm moving to serdang.
n b4 i can bounce on d new life,
i need to settle everything.
will c u soon.
hopefully by dat tym being
i'll b able to blog abt my wedding dresses.

plz pray for me n my new work place.
new frens.
new adventure.
new cycle.
new life.

i luv diz pic.i luv his strong arms.

it portrays d idea of him being my protector, my life saviour.
n with God's will,
i'm going to be nearer to d owner of d strong arms.
n within 55 days,
i'm going to be in those strong arms.


mrs.edy said...

msti sbk skrg nk pgsan je bile pk sal mjlis nt..

F I F A said...

mane kad kawen nye? tak nak show ke?

F I F A said...

mane kad kawen nye? tak nak show ke?

::LiYa:: said...

mrs edy::
sgt sebuk..tambah lg dgn perpindahan tempt keje.baju tarak.hahaha...
gud luck to u!

mahu2!nnti dulu ek..tak sempat nak scan.n mahu menuntut ilmu entry melekit dulu!

:: Mr Imran :: said...

Everything gonna be okey n good luck!

::LiYa:: said...

tq imran!