Friday, April 30, 2010

++ aT LaSt ++

at last...
my wedding dresses hunting is finally over...
z just arrived last nyte.
so today we went to ipoh to look for baju for his house.
we went to a boutique in fair park.
it's been so many times i noticed dat bridal.
so it became our 1st target.
n lucky us.
we didnt have to go for other bridal.
we juz love d black+silver dresses.
sgt cantek pade-mate-kami.
so terus book!
syukur sgt2!
i tot we will go through hard time
finding suitable bajoos.
yela.da suntuk sgt kan.
tp alhamdulillah.
da rezki...
itu merupakan baju baru.
ditempah khas oleh sum1 from kl
who will hv their reception in cameron..
the couple pay 2++k for d new bajoos.
but z n i only need to pay 500.
full accesorries.
d owner even promised me to find a new heel.
we felt lucky!
oleh yg demikian,
sy dengan rasminye mengumumkan bahawe,
kami sudah tak menghadapi masalah baju lg!
mau kawen.mau kawen.mau kawen!

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