Wednesday, February 4, 2009

++ TaGgiE tHinGgiE ++

zaza,wpon aku bz buat hantaran, tp demi kamu,tag tetap dijawab!=)

The rules:

Link to your tagger and post these rules.

List 8 random facts about yourself and

tag 5 people.

1. getting engaged this 09.03.09

2. heppy go lucky

3. can be real crazy!

4. suke makan tp badan maintain camtu je.

5. sedang bahagia.=)

6. a family person.

7. bakal cikgu.sile muntah.

8. bloggerholic.

1. aYun



First name : mRs Z

Name you wish you had : i love my name!

What do people normally your name as :
Lya n Nyah...=p
Birthday :
14th of september 1986.
Birthhplace : rumah oPah

Time of birth :
Single or taken :
getting engaged real soon~
Zodiaz sign : VirGo

My Appearance

How tall are you :
155cm [shud change the question to 'how short u r" kan?]
Wish you were taller : yeap!skang kat bahu mR Z.kalu bley nak mR Z kat bahu saye!

Eye color : dark brown

Current hair color : ade perang mcm rambut rusak.
Short or long hair : da still bawah bahu.

Ever dye your a bizarre color :
never.penah skali je ngan dark copper.
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair :
rebonding.n penah buat wet curl skejap dulu.
Glasses or contacts : apparently i need to wear my tanak.

Paint your nail : nope.

Shy or outgoing : combination of both.

Sexy or cute : idea.

Serius or fun :
A turn on : bile jupe clique.

A turn off : lots of things.

This or That
Flowers or chocolates : cokolat lazat!
Rap or rock : rock kapak bley?
Relationship or one night stand : relationship
School or work :i'm working at lucky am i?=p
Love or money : both r important.but love comes first.
Movie or music : movie.
Country or city : ape mksud soklan ini?
Sunny or rainy days : both!
Friends or family : family

Have u ever
Lied : of cos la penah!
Stole something : stole sum1's heart...[owh.romanticnye sy]
Smoked :dulu penah arwah tok bg rase.mase kecik2.pehtu seko2 batuk.
Hurt someone close to you : i guess yeap.
Broke someone's heart : ye.yg sudah tu sudah la ye.
Wonder what was wrong with you : dulu penah.
Wish you were prince or princess : of cos la princess
Like someone who was taken : tade.
Shaved you head : never
Used chopstick : ye!mase mamam sushi n jhonny's.mase kecik lg lawak.amek lidi ayam percik tuk buat chopstick.ape jadahnye tah....
Sang in the mirror to yourself : still doing it.sambil sikat rambut.ah,kuat brangan.

Flower : red roses.
Candy : gummy.
Song : lots of pebret songs
Color : pink, hitam, brown,pepel n d list go on...
Movie : a lot!
Singer : a lot jugak.
Junk food : jeruk.
Website : fs n my blog.=)
Location : in sum1's heart.
Animal : meow2!
Ever cried over someone : yup........
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : ade a few things...
Do you think you're attractive : maybe.=p
If you had to choose a fairy tale as your life what would you choose :sleeping beauty.waiting for mR Z to wake me up with his kiss...=p
Do you play any sports :tade.


Pei Pan said...

uhuhu tag akan dijawab~
utang dl ehehe...
xrindu jeruk penang?ehehe

::LiYa:: said...

huhu rindu everything bout penang!