Wednesday, December 30, 2009

++ n3 MaRaThoN ++

sudah lame x update.
my schedule for d past two weeks were damned pack.
bile da lame x update,
haruslah ade byk cite nak share kan.
so i'm gonna do n3 marathon.
there r 3 main stories to be shared.
so aku nak separatekan dlm n3 yg berbeda.
sbb if i drag in 1 n3,
it would be too long kan.

1st story::

as most of u knew,
i went to 2 interviews last week.
1 was on 22nd n d other 1 was on 24th.
1 was in upm n d other 1 was in upsi.
both offered d same post which is language teacher.

in upm:
i needed to sit for written test n faced 5 panels during d interview.
d interview was quite ok.
it was merely like a chit chat.
wat penat je hafal name chancellor,vc bagai.
[i went crazy memorizing those long names]
but d written test was suck.
we needed to write 500 words error-free essay.
susah pade aku.
coz it's been soooo long dat i havent written any essays.
d panels told me dat d results r going to be release within 3 to 6 months tym.
lame kan!

in upsi::
there was no interview.
it was juz d mock teaching.
fyi, i didnt get any letter.
1 week b4 d interview,
i received a phone call asking me to come for d mock teaching.
n d person on d line didnt brief me on wut to do.
luckily i asked my fren n she told me dat i need to prepare d slide ppt.
as both interview dates were near,
i was bz preparing myself for d upm interview.
n i got only 1 day to prepare for upsi.
with my fren's opinion,
i did d mock teaching for affixes.
i tried to use interactive buttons n hyperlinks in my slides
n i guess i've impressed them.
ryte after my presentation,
they said "good" for several tyms.
however,i'm not sure when they gonna get back to me.

not rase rase nye yg upm mmg out.yg upsi 50-50.
doa ek....

footnotes for ayun::i'm sooo bz skang.aku nak cite kat tade mase nak ym!ampun.


Pei Pan said...

Selamat meninggalkan kelapa sawit la nanti ni eh?ehee

::LiYa:: said...

owh..blom tentu lg....hahahaha....