Friday, December 18, 2009

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♥ my mum n i went to discuss wif kak ain diz was a long yet interesting discussion. actly she doesnt want to do any pelamin because according to her it is quite "leceh" [couldnt find d correct word =p],but when we came, she just couldnt resist d offer cos we have a very good bussiness r/ship.heheheh.

♥ i showed her some of d designs of dias dat catch my mum's n my eyes. we also looked for some of her collections. she has a good profile. last yer she organized a wedding dat was attended by sultan perak. n after sharing our ideas, we came out wif a theme. it's going to be an english style dias wif "pergola". d colors will b white n red. n yeap.we will be using a lot of fresh flowers n some artificial flowers.

♥ my mum also wants to make new curtains.d materials,colors n design have not yet to be decided. i'll leave it to them to decide as i will not b around after diz. n my mum also wants to decorate bilik pengantin wif wall papers. i love d design!but unfortunately, it is out of stock. i will let my mum n sisters pick out d new design later on.

♥ kak ain is going to medan,indonesia next two weeks. she welcomes us to join her on d trip. it will be on 8th of january..i wanted to go but i've booked d kursus my mum might be going wif my sisters n brother. they will buy d lace for d family n i will buy in kl. they insisted me to follow them, but i cant go.huhu.abah said maybe we can go to bandung. if it's true, maybe i can order d invi cards from indonesia coz the vendors there offer cheaper prices.however,this is just a plan...

♥ after almost 3hours of discussion, i had passed most of d burden to her shoulder. kak ain will be incharged for:

♫ 2 dias.1 for solemnization ceremony n another 1 for d reception.

♫ d walkway wif two arches.

♫ decoration for d room

♫ dining table decoration plus d back drop

♫ decoration at d stairs

♫ new curtains

♫ hantaran for both sides.hiks.not as excited as last tym when i did all d hantarans for both sides.

huh. felt so much relief!i noe i made d right decision by hiring kak ain to organize d wedding. she has d same taste as mine. n she's very open to our ideas!nothing much to worry wif her work.

now i need to focus on d materials n design for my solemnization dress. d girl from d bridal house told me dat we need to send d materials atleast 4months before d big day!n i still dunno wut to wear on dat day.maybe in mid february i can drag z to jalan tar n do "kain hunting" n straight away send to d tailor.

♥ should pause d wedding planning for a while. i need to focus for upcoming interviews. i get cold feet okeh!sgt takut.especially when i need to talk in front of people.superb people who will be judging every single word n gesture dat i make.huh.plz pray d best for me. it's ok if i dont get d job,but i must do my very best for both interviews!

♥ till here then. bubye!

oh kejap kejap.ade sekor kuceng betina beranak 5ekor anak n sorok anak die bawah katil.sgt comel!!!

yg latest kami da simpan mereka n ibu mereka dlm kandang.siap ade slimut.

ni la 3ketul oragnizers yg simpan maklumat kawen aku.hahaha.



Pei Pan said...

Susah-susah nak kawen *nasib Pei Pan lambat lagi nak kawen ;p*

::LiYa:: said...

kawen sng!
tp akak yg wat susah...
nak wat mcm2...
kawen sekali seumo idop!