Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WeeK 23 + WeeK 24

this was what happen during Week 23 

so i cried as usual.
worried a lot.
kept on counting d movements...

on Saturday I went to Pantai Puteri Ipoh to scan.
just to satisfy myself and to ensure that both babies are still hanging on.

i was overwhelmed and grateful.

my parents brought me to Cameron Highlands.
they wanted to cheer me up n stop me from worrying too much.

Week 24

i'm currently in my 6th month.

 i went for weekly checkup in HUKM yesterday.
the doctor was so happy to know that both babies are still alive and strong.
little fighters!
they could see an improvement in the doppler test.
the small twin is definitely a strong fighter.
and the normal twin is very generous to share the food.

i'll have my next checkup next week.
they are going to do doppler test and check the growth of both babies.

Ya Allah,
ease this journey...

i hope that everything will go better after this.
i want to have both of u in my arms.



juelee said...

semoga selamat hingga akhir pejuangan liya.. anak kamu memang pejuang yg kuat.. isnyaallah akan lahir ke dunia utk jumpa ibu bapa mereka..

:: Lya Zara :: said...

Tq kak juee!
Mencabar betul perjalanan kali tu la..kene byk sabar n doa..hasilnya insyaAllah membahagiakan.. :)