Thursday, April 18, 2013

++ DiaPeR CadDy ++

When i was pregnant last 2years,
Ive been eyeing alot on diaper caddy.
But back then d budget was a bit tight.
Maklumlah, baru keje,baru kawen, baru masuk umah.
N Zareef was d first child so there were a lot of things that we needed to buy actually.

Mcm sekarang ada barang2 Zareef yg boleh di inherit pada twins.
So ada penjimatan dctu.
Not to mention yg skrg ni semua medical bills are free.
So mmg ada duit lebih sket.

Last time i was aiming on Skip Hop Diaper Caddy. (1st pic)
Nampak comel ya ampun.
I found only 1 on9 shop selling that in Malaysia.
Tapi sebab budget tarak,
Amek jela bakul bunga telur masa kawen n trashed all d things inside.
Mmg diaper caddy is not something popular in Malaysia yet.
Skrg ramai je yg pakai bakul kan.
Mak buyong ni je yg ngengadeee...

Now that im pregnant with twins,
Im sure there will b a lot of challenges to handle two babies at once.
So i need to b organized!
(bg alasan kat diri sndiri)

So i started browsing on diaper caddy again.
This time around most of the Malaysian bloggers bought JJ Cole Diaper Caddy.
(2nd pic)
Not only there r quite a no of on9 shops selling this, d price is also much cheaper compared to Skip Hop.
N i was also aiming to get 1!
(note: was- past tense)

But then i stumbled upon another brand of diaper caddy by Bbox.
(3rd pic)
Few on9 shops are selling this n among the 3 brands, Bbox is d most expensive one.
Why la i always fell in love with expensive stuffs.

This morning while browsing thru,
I landed on an on9 shop.
They sell Bbox Diaper Caddy rm20 cheaper than other on9 shops!
I whatsapped with d shop owner n straight away place my order!

Im going to pick up the diaper caddy on Monday!
Cant wait cant wait.

Nnti once the kids are done with nappy,
We can use the caddy to trash our makeup stuffs n such.
Sje bg more reason to myself to get 1.

N Bbox ade jugak diaper clutch.
N again d price that this on9 shop offers is rm30 cheaper than market price.
Yg tu nanti dulu kot.
Sbb time Zareef ade beli diaper clutch from snugbaby.
Cuma x pakai sgt pon akhirnya...

I will review more on Bbox diaper caddy once the item is in hand!

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