Wednesday, April 24, 2013

++ DiaPeR CaDdY and oF W25 ++


hello world!

i did my doppler test n growth check for d twins yesterday.
twin A is now weighing at 761gm, twin B 421 gm.
twin A has normal development growth rate.
twin B memang fall behind d graph.
BUT the baby is actually gaining weight.
so d doctor said that it is still a positive development.

d doc said that as for now,
i will continue with weekly checkup up to w28.
kalau by w28 both twins are OK,
i will be scheduled for appointment every two week.
they are now trying to push me until w34.
or atleast when both babies have good,safe weights.
but if there is any complication,
i'll have to go thru emergency c-sect.
arap2nya semua OK lah.

ni rupa perot mommy at 25th week!
my current weight is equal to my weight when i was 9month pregnant last 2years.
kaki slim menyebabkan macam penguin.

of diaper caddy

so i picked up my parcel from Joan yesterday kat bangsar.
last minute purchase, i added on Essential Baby Box.
dasar kan.

sebenarnya i was contemplated between pink and brown color.
biru tak masuk buku sebab tu nampak sangat gendered color.
macam pink tak semestinya utk anak perempuan.
maknya kan memang perempuan selamanya. 
jd memang suka pink.
n brown pulak nampak lagi simple.

when i got to buy both items,
i chose both colors!

this is my choice for diaper caddy:

as for essential baby box:

other available colors...

ape guna essential baby box ni?

actually kita boleh simpan wet tissues n 2pieces of diapers dlm ni.
dia macam clutch.
so boleh bawak pergi mana-mana n keep it in ur diaper bag or handbag.
dlm essential baby box ni dah ada changing mat.
so boleh guna masa travelling.
it is created for mom's convenience.

size die tak besar,tapi tak la kecik sangat.
so it seems that i need to get a new handbag yg tak berat.
my current handbag right now mmg berat kalau tak ada barang pon.
[more reason to shop?]
actually dah 2months i didnt buy anything for myself sbb nak beli barang baby.
so bolehla beli handbag murah2 pasni.

review on Diaper Caddy

1. sturdy.memang nampak tahan lasak. it is made of PU leather. i think much sturdier than JJ Cole punya.

2. d design is modern n stylish.

3. it has a drawer n removable divider. boleh ikut mom's preference.

4. i love the color, but a bit worried that it might easily stained. tp boleh lap dengan kain basah kot kalau kotor?

5. berat sket. x macam bakul bunga telur.

6. u can store a lot of things there. boleh letak 10 or more diapers n other babies' essential stuffs mcm powder, lotion, etc.

7. mobile n portable. bakul bunga telur pon portable. tp kalau pakai nappy caddy ni barang2 tetap tersusun n tak messy.

itu je kot setakat ni.
i havent had d real experience of using it. 
tp rasa seronok sebab dah lamaaaaa nak beli!
i hope u two will serve me well!

siapa-siapa yg nak beli Bbox products boleh contact Joan thru her FB.
Bbox is a brand from Australia.
i found only 2 on9 shops selling Bbox in Malaysia.
tp 1 tu out of stock n harga dia lagi mahal.
yang Joan memang berbaloi.
i can't reveal my price sebab Joan bagi special prices.
dia kata hush-hush je.
klik sini for their FB:

PR Joan is also good!
totally recommended to mommy yang suka membazir macam i.


Joan Low said...

Dea Lya Zara,Joan from
We were so suprise to see your review.Thank you so much :) God Bless you and your family

Joan Low said...

Dear Lya Zara, this is Joan from
We were so surprised to see your reviewed.Thank you :) God bless