Thursday, April 4, 2013

++ WeeK 22 ++

5 and a half months!
here we are.

last week we went to HUKM as usual.
d Prof in charge was on leave.
but we did doppler scan as scheduled.
waited for our turn nearly 2hours (sbb pompuan tu lupa my turn),
then did d scan for 1hour.
i had backpain n felt pain at tummy area too.
sbb d sonographer tekan2 d tummy.

after doppler scan,
we went down for checkup pulak.
then d doc told me that i dont hv to come on week 21.
i was a bit confused as i know i was scheduled for weekly appointment as d doc said that both babies need to be monitored closely.
then they made several calls to reconfirm my appointment.

d doc said that Prof yg incharge my case told her that from d doppler test they did,
they could see that both babies have positive development.
that is y d doc said i dont have to come weekly anymore.

ya Allah. i am so relief!

d best news ever for the past 2months.

so this week we didnt go to HUKM.
but will go next Tuesday.
rindu sgt nak tengok both babies!!!

i have started buying babies' stuffs.
org cakap awal la n macam2.
i dont care.
d Prof did tell me that d earliest i deliver d twins will b in month tu.
so i better be prepared.

baju twins dah agak banyak.
i havent bought towels,receiving blankets,mittens,booties n etc etc..
expenses jd double tauuu.

currently im addicted to mothercare.
there so many things that i want!

my bffs are offering to sponsor some of the stuffs that i requested.haha.muke x malu!


i have chosen names for both babies too.
ya Allah..ease our journey...

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