Monday, November 29, 2010

++ Saket. sRooTtt..sRooTTT...++

after 4days of suffering sore throat,

i think i have fever today.

my nose is blocked.

n slight headache.

d last time i got fever was like 5months ago.

but that was totally different story.

mase tuh ade ustaz cakap aku terkena buatan org.


aku ni mmg lemah sket n senang bende2 nak masuk2.

blocked nose makes me hard to breath.

pity d bb inside.

i’m wondering if my condition somehow might affect him.

insyaAllah this wednesday will b going for regular checkup.

i miss my bb soooo much

n cant wait to know his development!

n teringin nak makan megi.

camneh nehhhh...!

copied from my tumblr