Tuesday, November 16, 2010

++ bB Bb bb BB ++

i never expecting a bb in my very 1st year of marriage.

i told almost to all my friends that i’m going to wait for atleast 1 year.

in fact,

a week before my wedding,

i had my menstrual cycle n i knew that it would b “waktu subur” on my wedding nite.

so i asked my bestie to find contraceptive pills for me.

she went all around d town but all the pharmacies claimed that they were out of stock.

so i discussed with some good frens about the chances of getting pregnant.

since there are couples of friends who are really hard to get baby,

i thought that conceiving won’t be that easy for us too.

but i was wrong.

i think it was a JACKPOT.

after 3 weeks of our marriage,

i started to feel d symptoms.

i was so worried that i got pregnant n was so sad.

[since i didn’t want it at d 1st place]

bad mummy.

i did self check for twice.

d double lines were very clear.

n i was still in shocked.n sad.

bad mummy.

things weren’t good between z n i though.

maybe i was so depressed.

i guess both of us were in shocked.

didn’t know that we were so..hmm…healthy?

but after my first scan,

seeing the little heart beating so fast,

i remembered that i almost burst into tears in front of the doc.

n that was the time i felt so relief n grateful with d greatest gift.


i believe everything happens for a reason.

Allah is giving me this little bb to b my companion.

apple of my heart.

mummy loves u bb.

so do daddy.

can u feel when daddy keeps on kissing mummy’s tummy?

when he runs his hands over d bump…


bb…we both love u so much.

n u r more than welcome to b with us.

even though d budget is becoming tighter,

we will make d best preparations for u.


n oh yes.congratulations to my sister!

she's pregnant too!

healthy family!

copied from my tumblr.


Cik Mira said...

congrats liya! ape org tua tua kata 'bunting pelamin'? heheh
nak bb jugak!

LuLu said...

omg this is so sweet! u know, tak ramai dpt chance of getting pregnant but you're so lucky to have the greatest GIFT :)

::LiYa:: said...

tq mira!
a'ah...bunting pelamin!:">
mira cepat2 la tawen!
bley dpt bb jugak!

yes!!!finally i realized how lucky we are to hit d jackpot!hahahaha...

zaza said...

huihh k lynda pon preggie sama?
wahhh.. besh2!