Wednesday, December 1, 2010

++ HeLLo DeCeMBeR ++

1st of december!
we are already at d end of year 2010.
i still remember that last year by this month,
i was busy preparing for my wedding.

december 2010 means that it has been 6months i've become a wife.
6 months of experiences,
i know i have nothing much to share
compared to 6 years or 16 years married wife.
but still i can brag here n there among my friends. ;p

maybe there's something to share.
n i'll post later.

i want to do maternity photoshoot!
i've been secretly discussing this with my brother in law
[he's a photographer]
n try to bargain to a good price.
then i'll need to persuade z!
he's not really into d idea.
but i really really want to do!
skali seumo idup je pon ngandung anak sulong kan!

today we r going for my medical checkup.
kali ni kene cucuk tetanus n akan dapat blood test results.
then nak g MAHA!
eksesais kaki...

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