Sunday, November 28, 2010

++ mOthErHooD ++

8.58am sunday morning.
my hubby just got back from work at 7am.
begitula naseb seorang isteri kepada site engineer.
after watching him sleeping for about an hour,
i think i coudnt lie on the bed anymore.
d bb is kicking very hard.

i'm now surveying suitable confinement set.
2 products that r on top my list r from amway n nona roguy.
i dont like hot herbs dat intend to drop the weight like crazy.
besides, i cant stand hot herbs.
i'm gonna opt for 40/44 days package,
then after that im gonna buy LD Venus from elken.
this product is specially formulated for dat 'down part'.
my sister has been using this product.
i've tried before this n it is really superb for hubby-wifey r/ship.
amway is cheaper than nona roguy.
besides it has everything in the package.
maybe i'm gonna buy amway.
one of my frens [who is going to deliver very soon],
she bought amway.
im gonna wait for her feedback.

n this friend of mine also went for maternity photoshoot.
superb delicious!

enuff saying...
nak jugak!!!

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