Tuesday, November 16, 2010

++ on9 sHopPinG ++

wut an addiction!

nowadays, by few simple clicks we can get almost everything dat we need!

i was addicted to on9 shopping way before married.

then,while too bz preparing for d wedding,

i managed to stop d craving.

n now dat i am pregnant,

dunno y somehow i got involved once again!

by simply looking at some pictures n negotiation/bargain thru emails,

we can get the items dat we purchase within a few days!

this month,

i spent almost 6hundreds to buy some on9 stuffs.

skincare products direct from US,

n of course some clothing items.

skincare care products r no doubt much cheaper compared to wut we have here in Malaysian boutiques.

the clothing items r also cheap!

i received my skincare products yesterday.

n today i’m waiting for my clothing items.


i’m quite interested to buy bb equipements thru on9 shops.

but i prefer to choose n to hold at d items first because bb’s items r very special to me…

till here then.

oh yeap. SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI.this year will be the 1st year dat i’m not celebrating with my family.both z n i r stucked here in KL. :(

copied from my tumblr.

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