Tuesday, March 30, 2010

++ 1sT LovE ++

how did 1st love affect u?
or should i rephrase,
how DOES 1st love affect u?

1st love is always d sweetest to some ppl.
coz dat was our 1st step of knowing d opposite gender.
d 1st tym we learnt to love sum1 else either than family n frens.
d 1st trigger to explore abt d other feeling n blablabla...

i was goggling juz now.
n end up wif my 1st ex's fb.
i was quite surprised.
it is a private profile after all.
i juz hv a glance at his profile pic.
it was d picture of him alone when we were still together.
[i snapped d pic]
da lame tu.

i didnt make frens wif all of my exes.
[they were quite a number]
i chose it dat way.
we CANT be frens.
i dunt want to explain d reasons.
it's juz like dat.

it was a 4yers r/ship.
i do hope dat he's getting his own happiness.
meeting sum1 special who will b good at him.
i am so sorry for wut had happened.
being me d heartbreaker,
i did break my heart a few tyms too.
we ended up d r/ship coz i insisted so.
no apparent reasons.
there were some actly,
but leave them there.=)

i know z's 1st love.
all of my schoolmates know!
my very own classmate mase f3!
i dont get jealous wif her.
she's my fren afterall
n it was an old history.=)

as for me...
no matter how deep d love was,
no matter how long d r/ship was,
no matter he was THE #1 to carve on my heart,
no matter how fast my heart beats when looking at his pic,
it is a WAS.
n i dont care much abt d PAST.
it is juz a piece of memory.
wut i concern more is d PRESENT.
d man dat takes me as part of his life.
that does matter to me.

i love u dear.
u were not d FIRST
but i'm glad dat u r d LAST
to shut n lock my heart.


farrah said...

past is past..i knw wht do u feel when u saw his fb..we were in the same boat honey..but its too late to accept them kan?? =D

::LiYa:: said...

we noe each other's stories kan!
i wont trade anything that i have today.i was happy once.but i am happier now.syukur alhamdulillah!
i wouldnt ask for more...=)

YuNyLoveSYou said...

ex? fb? ouch~!!! why eh?? 1st love is never easy to 4get!!! hate it so muchh... be thankful guys.. at lis we dun end up with that stupid guy! hancur idup!

::LiYa:: said...

yun!we will never forget 1st love!unless if we bump our head n lost our memory aite?
but 1st love never bothered me too much!=)