Sunday, March 28, 2010

++eDiSi BuMpEr ++

it's been so long i stopped blogging.
diz was 1 hectic week for me.
byk gilak keje.
everytime i switch on d laptop,
my eyes will shut down.hahaha.

actly i'm still thrilled abt moving to upm serdang!
it's like a dream come true!

  1. it's in serdang baby!near to my future we r going to live together after d PJJ![pengantin jarak jauh]
  2. d opportunities that UPM r offering me.UPM will sponsor us[d educators there] to further studies in Masters n PhD.isn't dat great?
  3. it's a permanent job.not a contract n hey,i'm still working under government n entitled for all d privilleges.
  4. d salary is hits my will be more than 2.5k.
  5. i'm not a cekgu anymore.=p
  6. i can wear any formal working attire.atleast no more baju kurung mon-friday.
alhamdulillah!syukur atas rezki kurniaan Allah.

btw,preps for wedding r still on progress.
during d 1week school holidays,
i've bought some of the items for d big day.
also, z n i went to nilai to buy d wedd favours for his side.
i've also bought d ring for z
n booked myself a bracelet.

yesterday my mum called me,
telling me dat she splurged 3k at ssf n kk home deco.
i dunno wut she bought
n was really surprised with d amount.
isk isk isk.
now i know from where did i inherit diz splurging habit.

a few things still buzzing my head.
d wedding attires!
aha.smpai skrg maseh jalan buntu.
adekah tade baju bersanding nnt?

n i'm looking for a house to rent near upm area.
sbb after a month working there,
z will move in with me.
not to mention,
i need to buy the necessities for d house.
gonna start from scratch sbb both z n i tade assets.

korang bg adiah set perabot rumah bley?


I_Hate_Lolipop said...

aku kasi sudu ngan garfu sepasang.ok?

::LiYa:: said...

aku trime ngan senyuman sinis!hahahaha....

Pei Pan said...

Murah Rezeki orang nak kawen biasanya. Semoga rezeki berpanjangan, tak putus-putus hendaknya.

::LiYa:: said...

amin!mudah2an hidup lepas kawen lebih dirahmati Allah!=)