Monday, March 8, 2010

++ cUriK MasE ++

i did my henna trial during cny holidays.
yup.long longggg ago.
tp baru ade mase nak review.

i dragged my bff to find henna service around my town.
ade banner,tp bile tanye cakap tak buat.
a few kedai la jadi camtuh.
rase nak marah je.
then terpakse balek ngan hampa.
sampai kat area rumah,
saje lajak 1km n ternampak 1salon yg buat henna.
eh?taktau pon sblom neh kan!
da la dekat gile ngan umah.
so i juz went in n did my henna trial.
d kakak was so friendly.
she did d design spontaneously.
so dunt expect too much la.
i told her dat if i want to hire her,
i will print a design n ask her to draw.
she said dat will be better.

n sbb kan dekat ngan umah,
i wanted her to come over so dat all of my sisters
n frens can do their henna too...
kakak n adik aku da mintak izin nak henna lukes jgk.
i dunt mind asalkan tak over!=p

menunggu inai kering

after: cam tak merah sgt...

n then a week later tempat inai tu peeling.i dunno whether it was normal or noT?

penah tgok inai biru x?
maybe bley jd trendsetter?

this was wut happen when u never refill d ink printer urself.

sobs.slalunye z yg tlg buatkan.
bile die da jauh terpakse wat sume sendri.
huh.he pampered me too much i guess....
i miss him.

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