Monday, March 22, 2010

++ ReZeKi PeNgaNTiN ++

diz few weeks,
aku asik saket saket.
from 1 to another.
smpai da rase putus ase.
tp atas semangat loved ones,
aku rase kuat jugak tuk tempuh sume neh.

d latest,i got some allergic symptoms
on my face n some parts of d body.
my lips r numb n very dry.
n very itchy.
small dots appeared in d eyes area.
n again,they r very itchy too.
my face somehow looks like it is slightly bigger;
due to the bengkak.
doc said im allergic to something.
i've taken d medicine but still no different.
so maybe i should take for an injection later on.

i am totally depressed wif my health condition.
i am so freaking worried!
plz doakan aku sehat n walafiat ok!

luckily there's 1 news dat spice up my mood today!

i still remember when z broke d news,
abt him moving back to kl in early feb...
we both were so sad.
i bet he wanted to cry when he heard my voice
on d other line.
n today,
he said he wanted to cry when i told him d news.
i'm moving to upm serdang.
received a letter today that i made it for d interviews.
syukur Alhamdulillah!
mungkin ni ganjaran selepas byk dugaan!
i'm going to upm...soon!=)

n diz is a picture of my first trial on pomander balls.
i couldnt find the sphere polystyrene.
pandai pandai je acu bunga tu smpai jd bulat n ikat ngan dawai.
agak buruk since 1st tym buatkan.
but i'm going to give diz to my bestfren in johor.
die hampir menanges bile dpt tahu aku akan pindah kl.