Saturday, June 8, 2013

++ ZaRaS' uPDaTeS ++

D main concern of d twins earlier was there were no ventilators available in HUKM.
D doctors had to call hospitals from south perak down to batu pahat to check for ventilators.
Tapi memang semua penuh.

So my twins were sort of 'squatting' kat Labour Room.
Amazingly,hanya Malisa yg perlukan ventilator.
D small Maeisya depending on CPAP.
So my main concern was that Malisa might be moved to different hospital kalau ada ventilator.

Yesterday morning Z wheeled me to d nicu to visit Zaras.
Maeisya is such a tiny baby.
But then she is very active.
Malisa was sleeping n she looked a bit tired.
I couldnt stand too long.
Enduring d csect post pain was unberable.

D paed was there,
So i asked her whether Zaras will still need to be moved to other hospitals.
I cant imagine if one is sent to batu pahat,d other 1 to melaka (for example),how am i going to keep up on visiting both of them.

D doctor told me that Zaras r not going to be moved sbb both of them r on CPAP now.
Lega sgt2.
These two r miracle babies.

When i told Prof Norzi n d team abt d babies' conditions,
They were so happy.
Prof Norzi was a bit shocked how fast Zaras cope with d breathing problem.

Ya Allah. Ya Allah. Ya Allah.
Plz protect n ease my twin daughters' journey.
Ease their pain.
Help them gain d awaiting weight.

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Mursyidah Ismail said...

semoga kembar awak sihat n selamt semuanya. insyaAllah.. aminn