Saturday, June 15, 2013

++ DaY 10 ++

I wish i have d time to blog about d day i delivered my twins.
Even d babies are not around,
I am still struggle to express d milk n with d frequent visit to nicu.
Kena tulis jgk ni takut lupa plk nanti.

I am here in hukm.
Baru lepas visit little zaras.
Sekarang both of them are trained to breath by themselves.
No more breathing apparatus attached on the body.
Malisa is weighing at 1.6kg; Maeisya is 780gms.
Ada slight decrease in weight which is normal according to them.

I have started d kangaroo care with both of them yesterday.
Macam x pecaya.
After 9days baru dapat cuddle n hold my little ones in d arms.
Puas ciom n peluk.

Hari ni tadi nurse cakap dah boleh train Malisa on direct feeding.
Tapi Malisa x pandai lagi.
Ade a few times she tried to suck.
Selebihnya dia tido.

Maeisya pon tido lena bila we did kangaroo care td.
I cant wait to put both of u side by side.
Muka dorg sama (yela, identical twins kan).
Cuma maeisya nampak kurus.
Malisa ada pipi yg boleh dicubit.

I hope no more medical issues lepas ni.
Biarlah mereka dapat membesar dgn sihat dan sempurna.

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