Saturday, June 29, 2013

++ d aWaiTeD aRriVaL ++

On the 22nd day,
D team of doctors in nicu has decided to discharge Malisa.
But mommy requested to postpone one day.

So Malisa was discharged on Thursday.
We had to leave Maeisya.
But Z will go visit her everynite.

1st nite with Malisa was quite challenging.
She woke up evey 1hour.
I seriously felt like a zombie.
Tambah lagi 3nites before i roomed in with her in nicu.
Mmg x ckup tdo.

But i think i know what she wants.
She wants to sleep on my chest.
So last night i slept very close to her n she slept well thru d nite!
Ini sebjik perangai abg Zareef masa dlm confinement.

I wonder wut would happen to me bila Maeisya dah balik nanti.

Btw,last week i received d letter of agreement from KN.
Rezeki besar utk kami sekeluarga.
It is beyond my expectation...

Terima Kasih Ya Allah.

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