Thursday, May 16, 2013

++ WaiTiNg ++

when the doctor told me that she is not going to drag me more than W34,
it hit me straight away that the twins are going to be June babies!

it is going to be next month!

tick tock! tick tock!

any days in June could have been the day i deliver the twins...
but deep down inside i silently hope that I would be able to keep them a bit more longer in my tummy.
at least up to early July.
mommy's womb will always be the best incubator!

n i do hope that the babies will gain more weights before i deliver them.
the idea of spending time in NICU scares me a lot.
i know the small twin will be spending some time in NICU because of the size and the problem with blood flow.
they need to monitor the small twin closely.
but again,
no matter what d doctor has expected,
i believe Allah has designed the best journey for us.

nevertheless, i need to mentally n physically prepare the arrival of the twins.
i've almost completed the checklist.
just a few more to go.

n i need to start packing my hospital bag.
i havent done that one yet.
scrap that.
i havent even started with that!

last weekend i did my first laundry trip.
this weekend, more laundry trips to be done!

oh my...
i just cant wait to have both of them in my arms.
but the idea of having them next month is just too early.
i want them to develop all the internal organs in my womb.
n i still want to enjoy the kicks, fists, punches n elbows from them.

Ya Allah,
please lead us to the best journey!

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