Wednesday, May 15, 2013

++ WeeK 28 (MGTT and DeXa sHoTs) ++

7 months!
we are here finally.

yesterday went for MGTT.
minum secawan air gula pekat.
sangat x sedap.
all mothers exchanged frowns sesama sendiri.
tapi berjaya jugak habiskan.

they took my blood samples twice; before n after.

then naik 1st floor utk buat Doppler n Growth scan for the twins.
both babies are growing.
they showed me the graphs from previous scan.
memang babies membesar.
even the small twin pon naik berat walaupon x banyak.
i'm still thankful.

after scan, 
Prof Suhaila turun nak jumpa.
first she went thru d reports first.
lepas tu she came to us n senyum lebar.
she said both babies are growing.
she asked me to have a seat n she was telling how she is surprised with the results. [remember there was 1 time she predicted that small baby wouldnt survive]
she told me that she has no explanations for that.
but she is grateful.
the power of Dua I'm sure.

now that i am at W28,
she is going to drag me to W30.
if everything is ok,
she is going to drag me until W34.
not more than that coz she is concerned about d small twin.
but then again,
who knows Allah might surprise us again, right?

oh yes. 
i got my Dexa shots yesterday.
these shots are given to fasten d developement of babies' lungs.
kalau baca pengalaman orang,
memang scary.
it scared me to death la.
first shot was scheduled at 9pm last night.
2nd shot tadi pagi 9am.
masuk ER smlm dalam keadaan takut tersangat2.
tapi alhamdulillah.
pada aku, tak sakit sangat.
no tears. 
cuma skrg experiencing sengal2 kat kaki.
post-pain la tu kot.
tak kesah la darlings.
anything the best for both of you!

my colleagues are going to get this for me:

i think the most expensive bath tub that I have come across so far.
this is known as flexibath.
it is fold-able n jadi very flat.
convenient for traveling.
in conjunction with this,
i need to buy this la pulak:

yg ni murah je. 
cheapest that i have surveyed so far RM75 kalau x silap.
the reason that i need to get this bath support sebab babies lagi selamat nak mandi.
w/out bath support, 
Zareef ok la.
but for small babies, u need to have both,
it will be like this:

flexibath is a product from Stokke kalau x silap.
kalau x de org sponsor x beli la kot.
bising Z nanti.
kalau beli senyap-senyap okla.

this is how it looks like bila dah lipat.
compact n boleh bawak balik kampung!

my choice of color?
i suka red...
tp takde dalam gambar.
n tak ada kat malaysia.
available colors adalah pink, purple, blue, green, white and transparent.

harga flexibath is RM168 (cheapest that i found on on9 shop)
flexibath + bath support = RM243.

till then!

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cikyuSnida said...

Hai Liya,

just to say hi here. Sekarang ni selalu gak singgah sini bila tau you are carrying twins as well :)

I too in my 2nd pregnancy with twins. now at 31 weeks. Should be almost the same as yours. hehe. All the best for us :D