Wednesday, May 22, 2013

++ WeeK 29 ++

A few more days n ill b in week 30.
Prof Suhaila n Prof Norzi are away for a conference in Europe.
They are putting me under one specialist for these 2 weeks.

My last checkup was last Monday.
It was 1hour + scan session.
They checked on Doppler Test for twin b.
Prof Suhaila said she needs to go with peace of mind.

After 1hour+ baru dapat d result that she wanted.
Alhamdulillah.still positive blood flow.
Prof Suhaila told me that next week if d Doppler Test is not ok (hope not),
Ill be admitted n i will go thru csect.

I hope d result is ok.
Lets fight until at least week 34 ya sayangsss!

Now it is time to pack for hospital bag!


cikyuSnida said...

fight baby fight!

Take care Lya :D

:: Lya Zara :: said...

Tq cikyusnida!
I pray for ur smooth journey too! :)