Sunday, May 12, 2013

++ tWiNs' pReP ++

Do u notice how d contents of d wardrobe differ in both pics?
Aha. Itu x tambah lagi another 6pieces of garments that i bought on Thursday n Friday.
No matter how i warn myself to focus on other necesarry things, but i ended up buying more n more outfits.

Most of the outfits mamapapa la yg beli.
Ada some my mom bought for the twins as well.
N auntie taca n auntie ayuni ada belikan jugak baju2 c kembar.
Paling byk rompers n sleepsuits mothercare.
Memang dari time Zareef dulu mama dok gila rompers.
Sejak berkenalan dgn MC baru tahu rompers for boys sgt comel2 kat cni.

Dresses for baby girls pon comel2 kat MC.
Geram je tengokkkkk!

I've started my first laundry trip today.
Tadi g lunch kat JJ depan umah.
Then trus g beli Pureen ABD Laundry Detergent.
Arini basuh 20 pieces of napkins, 4 towels, mittens n booties, baby binders, nursing poncho, 2pieces of handkerchiefs, n 2 pieces of receiving blankets.
Baju2 babies nanti la pulak.huhu.

I am already in my week 28.
Kalau both twins boleh membesar ngan sehat dlm womb,
I hope by week 36 dah boleh jumpa these little darlings.
Ya Allah...permudahkanlah segalanya.

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