Tuesday, January 19, 2010

++ sOmE cHecKLists ++

da mule malas nak berblogging kembali
coz sgt byk keje.

diz is d final wik z ade kat cni.
he's moving back to KL by d end of d wik.
n i'm going to KL as well diz wiken for 2 reasons.
1. to cater some wedd stuffs.
2. to deliver my fiancee.haha.

so diz wiken is going to b sooo pack wif schedules.
n akan check in di rumah my bestfren mase mtrx~pYa.
tenkiu pya!
slalu sgt da check in kat umah ko kan.
mybe diz tym around i shuld take u out for a nice dinner!

things to b done during d wiken r::
#1 :: early saturday morning will meet 1 dress maker.
she will b tailoring my gown for potong kek.
n it will b a very simple gown.

#2 :: move to jakel to collect d kaen. almost a month we booked d kaen.
hopefully tade tikus yg geget.

#3 :: straight away go to shah alam to meet unaisah.
she will take d measurement n design d dress.
i've sent some pics of desired design.
she will tell me how much it would be.
n lega sgt she's taking my order.
coz last wik she posted an n3.
she's not going to do any dress unless for wedds on october onwards.
she's ultimately full!

#4 :: will find cute balloons for photog session.

#5 :: meet z's brother who is a photographer.
we will take some pictures at studio for d invitation cards.
cant wait for diz!

#6 :: on sunday, we will head to shah alam again.
visiting rumah kebaya to look at some reception dresses.
d owner gave me a call from indonesia juz now...
she's very sweet.
n aku pon terikut cakap indon jugak ngan dia.hehe.

#7 :: will meet unaisah again for toile fitting.

#8 :: i will head back to johor.hurmmm....bye bye syg....

btw...i received one sample for invitation card yesterday.
i've looked d pictures at d internet n i fell in luv wif d designs.
so diz person sent me a sample....
but it didnt turn out d way d i expected.
so cancel to place order wif her.
we'll choose kadkahwinku instead.

a teaser

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Pei Pan said...

Nasib kawen untuk sekali seumur hidupkan...penat sikit berbaloi =).