Thursday, January 14, 2010

++CuRrEnT LifE ++

life is as hectic as usual.
too many things to be done
in a very short notice.
i felt like tearing apart.

last nyte i got a headache n almost vomit.
so stress out.
not to mention,
im still depressing abt z moving back to KL.
but i dunt reely got d tym to think abt it.
loads of work is piling up on me....

i reely hope dat i can spend my tym wif him....
i dunt have d heart to think abt wedding.
atleast not until next wik.

oh peeps...
i received a phone call from UTEM diz morning.
asking me to come for an interview in next two weeks.
i dunno.
but i dont think i can make it.

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