Tuesday, September 4, 2012

++ uPm ++

almost 3 years working here.
these r my best colleagues.
ade lagi lah.
tp ni yg selalu lepak makan n gossiping.♥
sumore we r in d same room.

last month another 7 language instructors were received.
1 of them is Nurin.
younger 3 years, n she's sitting next to me.
so d clique is expanding i guess!

i love working here.
d ambiens, d students, d flexibility, d responsibility, d oppurtunity, d salary n d incentives that we r getting are satisfying.

today we had a course briefing
where evry1 received their schedule for this semester.
i got 7classes this sem.
we r teaching more than our max load.
so d committee is trying to push for d xtra pay.
it is quite a lot.
so hopefully we will get it. :)

till then!♥

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