Saturday, September 22, 2012

++ a TeSt ++

we had another big test recently.
had to go back to hometown,
spent 4days there.
i just hope that everything will go well after this.
kdg2 rase x ckup kuat dah nak tempuh benda2 ni.
well, i almost gave up...
tp alhamdulillah we bounced back normally.

i thought of spilling out d story here.
tp bile pk balik rase mcm nak move on je n stop thinking abt it.
myb if i feel like blogging abt it,
i will do so.
sbg pringatan kpd psgn2 di luar sane..

d pics above are my feet n 2lotions that i love d most.
u can get these from sephora.
harga murah je.
dlm 25 each.
when i first bought these two,
i was really consistent in applying them everynite.
mmg nampak n feel d results on skin.
pastu i became lazy.
now i feel that i need this treatment to pamper myself.
will go to sephora again n buy their shower gels n shampoo.
they also have skin care range.
never tried bfore.
tp mmg tempted jgk sbb packaging die yg comel.hiks.

till here then.
tatatititutu ♥

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