Thursday, March 22, 2012

++ uPdaTe ++

yes kut.
i dunno. but i think im losing d passion to write.
slalu da bukak blogger..
tulis a few lines then delete.
kah kah kah.
mental block kah?

im applying for my Masters.
i applied online since last May.
but dont hv d courage to do so.
tp this time around rase kena buat jugak.
if everything is ok,
ill be in my first sem in september.
nak amek sikit2 ye 1 sem.
nothing to rush.
da memang kat UPM.
so x mo stress.
sbb skrg pon stress je koje.

money status was very OK until my car brokedown in melaka.
*pecah tabung!*

tp shopping mcm x stop.
i bought so many shawls n dress online.
pastu g Alamanda sorang-sorang n shopping lg.
beli 2pairs of carlo rino ex shoes n banyak gila barang skinfood.
currently i'm just falling in love with skinfood.
the products do wonders to my skin!
siap kirim lg 7,8 barang dari my bff's sis yg dok kat korea!
apekah kan.....

im hoping that life could be better in other ways.
in certain aspects.

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