Monday, October 10, 2011

++ MoNDaY BLueS ++

anyone feels like this?

i feel soooo tired..
last week was fulled with a lot of dramas.
i had low blood pressure AGAIN!
almost-fainted-incidents occurred to me a few times.
then i had food poisoning.
i vomited while driving.
then i vomited again sooo many times at home.
n had diarrhea too.
dehydrated too.
was very weak.
poor health.

my family came on friday.
tq mak n abah!
we had fun.

i splurged again!
body shop had their freindship day celebration.
so i dragged my younger sister to buy things for 20% disc
n i got 30% disc.

then later we went to jalan tar.
bought shawls n many stuffs....
Z hanye mampu memandang.

another 2 weeks to go to Taiwan.
not that excited.
i hope Zareef will b ok thru out d trip.
it's going to be winter in Taiwan.
but d temperature is not that low.

life is up n down.
so trying to holding on.
rase nak ajak Z pindah balik kg!

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