Wednesday, October 12, 2011

++ BiG BaD WoLF ++

x tau ape tu big bad wolf?
it's a book fair that sell books with d cheapest prices!
i didnt know that they r having this every year.
this year it is in maeps upm.
so my bff asked me to follow her.
initially i planned to buy 2-3 novels.
but i end up buying a dozen for me n 3 for Zareef!

adoiii la...
it's a heaven for novel lovers!
novels that cost u around rm35 at mph,
they sell at rm8!
sape tak meroyan kan!

i have all cecelia ahern's collections except
the gift n a book of tomorrow.
tengok semalam ade pulak!
so ape lagi kan!
btw, she's launching another new one in UK this week.

i'm planning to go there again before the fair ends this sunday!
nak borong 3,4,5 buah je lagi!
buku budak sgtttttttttttttt banyak jugak!
tp for babies tak banyak choice.
utk yg da pandai bace ok la.
i bought Zareef two books yang ade sounds hantu n lampu2.
1 buku rm8 je.
rase kat luar mahu seratus.
another 1 with mirror.
Zareef sgt suke buku bunyi hantu.
terkekek-kekek die gelak!

when we first arrived,
it was kindda weird seeing everyone with a trolley.
some with boxes n bags.
i was like..biar betol org borong banyak camtu.
but seeing the books myself,
taca n i both carrying a box too!
taca ended up buying 25 books
i bought 15.
nanti tambah sikit lagi je kot n ayun pon nak kirim.

we were there for 3-4 hours.
i had class 5-6.
so terpakse g kelas dengar budak present kejap.
then sambung balik meroyan!

it's a real bargain.
i love novels.
i love reading.
so x pernah rase bende ni membazir.
semalam da plan nak turn d 3rd room into stor+mini library.
boleh ke?
nak beli book shelves so that i can bring all my novels kat kampung datang cni.

nanti i will capture d photos of my purchase.
ayun nak tengok!

for further information boleh visit here.
rupenye the gift by cecelia ahern harge die 69.90.
i bought with rm8 je!!huwaaa..
untung banyak!
condition tip top mcm kat mph.

-guilty pleasure-

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