Tuesday, October 4, 2011

++ oF eVeRYTHiNG ++

there r alot of things dat i wanted to blog out.
but i dont really hv d time to sit down n type them all.
usually i type it mentally.haha.

* breastfeeding journey*

Zareef has started drinking FM 3weeks ago.
finally we found d suitable FM dat suits his taste buds.
susu ilham!

d only FM yang die nak minum!
even with me, he didnt refuse to drink FM anymore.
tade susah hati pasal die lapar lg!
cume sedihnye aku da kurang sangat-sangat breastfeed die.
mungkin akan stop x lame lagi..........................................
x pela.ade lah rezeki kut lain.[insyaAllah]

*working life*

bouncing back as usual.
tapi getting used to it.
i love d students except 1 class.
xpela.baru lagi.budak-budak sgt demotivated.
need to work harder to attract their attention.

*money status*

dok shopping sakan.
dgn budget open house.
house deco.
personal retreat.
bb stuffs.
n d crave list is never stopped.
ade je bende baru nak beli.

* life *

not really in a good mode.
i'm getting tired of a lot of things n a lot of people.
wish dat WE should learn to appreciate ppl we have in our life,
before they leave.
plz make d people u love happy.not with money.
but with love n attention.
it doesnt cost u a penny!

* Muhammad Zareef Mirza *

d one n only!
omaigod.sgt notty.
da boleh crawl.
[view his vid on FB]
baru blaja crawl da start berdiri kat sofa n jalan susur sofa.
sgt buat mama mcm nak kene heart attack.
love to tear off my magazines n eat his books.
[i bought him some books]
mulut bising nyanyi n jerit.
selalu buat mama rase nak marah,rase nak nangis,rase terharu, rase heppy n etc.

* self-motivation *

not too motivate nor too demotivate.
sgt kesian tgok org ambil gambar senget-senget badan nak nampak slim.
tp lg kesian kat diri sendiri sbb sebuk carik supplement tuk gain weight.
perempuan yg x pernah bersyukur.
nak gemuk.nak kurus.
i think i need to gain a couples of kilos lagi.
baru nampak macam manusia sehat.
sekarang macam org sakit.
despite d compliments they say i look like anak dara,
tp seriously aku tak heppy pon with my condition.
thats y susu pon nak abes kot.
so that i can get supplements to gain weight.
breastfeed baby byk mende kene pantang.

* HOPE *

i'm hoping d best will turn out of the corner n surprise me!
harap betul la rumours najib nak revise gaji gov servants n kasik bonus.
cant wait for budget 2012.

should i stay in my comfort zone or step out of it?

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