Wednesday, September 28, 2011

++ iT's NoT a WW ++

usually i'll post a wordless wednesday rite!
but not today.

my Zareef is not a small baby anymore.
he's a bit notty la lately.
he loves to mumbles a lot of sounds.
sometimes it sounds like a song.
i think he is now venturing into new adventure!
he loves to explore a lot of new things.
i cant deny that it's a bit disturbing for me sometimes.
i got worried [ok.scrapped that.i got freaked out] most of the times.
i turned a few minutes n discovering him under d dining table.
another minutes he will be prickling d sockets n plugs.
d next minute he will be crying!

but i love d developments!
rase mcm die da besar.
boleh jd kawan n buat teman berbual.

bye mama.i want to venture d world!take gud care of urself!

dunt worry!i can take care of myself!

ahhh..finally i arrived!

i need to get d plastic bag!there must b something special in it for mama!

yes. almost there! i wish i could be taller!

then i picked him up before he fall off!

i love u Zareef!
i love u sooooooooooo much!

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