Saturday, February 19, 2011

++ CheCk uP ++

did my check up yesterday.
alhamdulillah, bb is still growing.
he weighs around 3.1kg this week!
since the weight is plus minus by 300gm,
so he is approximately 2.8kg-3.4kg.
bp is ok.
position is ok.
alhamdulillah,everything seems ok.

when doc scanned d bb,
she made a statement that made my heart stopped beating.
she said that bb's head is right in the channel.

n i just need to wait for d contractions.
obviously i'm going to deliver anytime soon.
but again, Allah knows better!

i have 1more of working week.
there r tones of work that need to be settled
before i leave.
to be honest,
since i was in UPM,
i have never been this committed!

Allah, U knows the best for us.
may everything is ok for us.


happy weekend peeps!
i'm going out with my bestie.
i think d last outing without d bb's stroller!

p dot s::
1 good fren broke a news that she's pregnant too!
congrats n welcome to d club!!! :)


z u r a i n e e said...

sape eh yg preggy ?
sy knal ke ?

::LiYa:: said...

awk tak kenal kot...
ni kwn baek z mase mrsm yg happen to be rapat gak ngan sy...hehehe