Sunday, December 5, 2010

++ ShOPaHoLic MummY ++

yesterday i went out with my gades.
saje spend mase since ade rezki.
we went to d mines.
watching rapunzel, eating pizza n cakes at secret recipe.

i splurged on maternity outfits ~

which i regretted so much d minute i paid for them.

n to make myself feel better,

i bought another two rompers for d bb!
super duper cute.
oh gosh.i cant stop buying rompers!!!z is not working today.
maybe we r going to auto show at pwtc.
n then we r going to buy stroller for d bb.
really need to buy bb stuffs
before i keep on splurging money on mummy's items!

oh,i really love this wardrobe.
z n i r thinking of customizing this wardrobe from 1 furniture shop nearby.
but then we'll see the cost.

if it is too expensive,
maybe we r going to buy something cheaper from ikea.

delicious rite!

btw, happy sunday!
lots of luv!