Saturday, January 10, 2015

++ 2015 ++

There were so many things happened in 2014.
Bitter sweet, ups and downs of life that will remain as memories. 

I did not fulfill two of my wishes last year. 
I did not continue my Masters, nor did I complete my second manuscript. 😞

But one thing for sure, I did not give Zareef and Zaras new sibling. Hahaha 😛

My friend and I embarked on something we love. 
A new adventure to treasure. 
I don't feel like sharing in details yet. 
But sure thing, I will reveal soon. 

Writing is still my passion. 
Will keep updating since the Blogger Apps dah improved. 

On the 31st of December, we finally own a Honda. 
We went thru a lot of dramas to get our new car. 
Asyik bad experience dengan the car dealer. 
Tapi tak pa. Rupanya Allah nak bagi cash rebate yang lebih banyak. 😊

My 1st baby still remain in the family.
Lepas ni dia serve Z pulak sampai Z beli kereta lain. 

Till here then. 

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