Tuesday, January 1, 2013

++ bLueS ++

i remember one year ago at d very same date,
i woke up in one of d hotels in Malacca.
we made a sudden plan to go there on d new year eve.

today, just a minute ago,
i woke up n ran to d loo,
finish my small business n lay back on d bed.
then woke up again n ran to d kitchen to take a slice of cheese cake to savour my tummy.

last nite Z asked me what is our plan for today.
i couldnt help but to smile and frown at d same time.
i used to b d mastermind of plannings!
pantang Z cuti je, i will have a lot of requests to b fulfilled.
but now...i dont have the passion to do almost anything! T-T

nak mandi ~ malas
nak iron baju ~ malas
nak makeup ~ malas
nak decide nak pakai baju ape ~ malas
nak keluar ~ malas + x larat

i dont understand what hormones are hitting me right now.
how can i be this lazy?
i have not done cooking for almost a month now.
i rarely do d dishes as well.
in fact, i didnt do d laundry that Z had to sent piles of our clothes to d dobi down there.
:D :D

i have been falling sick for twice in december.
n having nausea n sometimes i vomitted too.
mayb these r causing me being me right now.
dulu sakit camne pon rumah mesti kemas n bersih.
boleh la nak masak lauk 3jenis.

i hope i will pass thru this 1st trimester successfully.
n i hope all these sicknesses r going to stop soon.
*crossing fingers*

skrg baru tahu rase susahnye mengandung.....................

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