Monday, January 14, 2013

++ 1 sEm ++

finally dah habes 1st sem of master.
baruuu je anta last two assignments tadi.

tapi sedih jugak because i'm surely will rest myself from taking 2nd sem.
i've done deep thinking n i'm sure i will not be able to cope with everything.
maybe i can.
but i dont want to take risk.
takut balik rumah penat keje,
then ade assignments master pulak nanti mesti tak ada masa nak layan Zareef.
sian Zareef nanti.
tak apalah.
mama put on hold again.

i can sense that this 2013 is not that promising for me.
despite of d excitement to receive d new member in this family,
there are a lot of things that don't come the way i want them to be.

awal-awal tahun Z dah buat aku menangis.
tak apalah. nak buat macam mana.
it's not that he wants it that way.
tapi aku sedih jugak.

i have to be strong.
strong for both Zareef n liltle tot n for Z jugak.

memang Allah janjikan rezeki yang lebih baik utk kami  tahun ni.
but there are some sacrifices that we need to do.
x pe.
sabar Lya sabar.

i hope everything will go well after this.

approaching 2nd trimester. =)

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