Sunday, August 7, 2011

++ SaYaNG ++

happy birthday sayang!
dah tua pon!

this is d 4th time we celebrate ur birthday together.
n i hope that there r many years to come for us.
i love u.
i really do.

Allah has answered my prayers.
tot it was hard to forget.
but He makes it easy for me.
so plz la quit smoking.

i hope u love d little treat u had last night.

well, we had buka puasa at Little Pantry ioi mall.
love this restaurant to d bits!
suma sedap.
no pictures were taken sbb lapar sgt da.
this breastfeed mommy menggeletar kaki every 5pm!

a few days before, Z gave me five hundreds plus
so that i can buy my dreamed handbag.
i was overjoyed!
but looking in our wardrobe,
i realised that he hasn't bought even a piece of baju raya yet
[while both Zareef n i had almost completed ours]
so i decided to use d money to bring him to buka puasa
n later i asked him to pick 1 shirt from d polo haus.
1 jela.mahal kot.siap tak bagi ambil yg new arrival!

then we went to PDI n shopped for a few more pieces baju raya.
so all of sudden both of us dah banyak pulak baju raya.
sitting at Tutti Frutti,
2-2 dah plan nak beli ape lagi after this.
Z said i better buy Polo Handbag.ade 1 yg gorgeous la pulak semalam.
n i think i need to get a pair of jeans n at least 2more tops.
n 1 kasut raye.dah tu je.
Z nak beli jeans polo n tshirt new arrival n of course baju melayu.
utk Zareef maybe 2,3 more will do.
pehtu duk diam-diam sbb duet konpem ciput.

by d time i licked my yogurt ice cream,
baru teringat dat we didnt buy anything for Zareef.
sedih pulak.
cepat-cepat nak rush ke Poney tp kedai da tutup.
x pela nak,
nanti kite g d curve ye.

itu sahaje cerite celebration Z's birthday
n shopping raya.
petang ni macam nak makan kat SR pulak.
tak complete kan birthday without cake.
a slice would do!
n saye tak puase.
dah 2ari tak pose.
later la story pasal breastfeed journey yg menyedihkan!

happy weekEND.

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