Friday, January 28, 2011

++ mY Bb ++

bb at 34th week!
did a normal checkup yesterday.
n surprise surprise.
bb is already 2.8kg!
doc said that d weight is plus minus 300gm.
so bb's actual weight is approx 2.5kg.
still have 1 month to go on.
my mum n sis said that,
their babies had never exceeded 3kg when deliver.
seems that my bb is going to weigh 3.5kg when deliver.
besarnye kan!

did more shoppings for bb stuffs.
opahnye pon belikan jugak.
jd barang-barang bb mmg almost complete da!
tinggal beberape je lagi.
bulan depan plak beli.
btw,presenting my bb...
moga bb selamat keluar!
tak sabar sgt nak tiom-tiom pp dabuh die tuh!

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