Thursday, January 6, 2011

++ cOunTinG ++

30 weeks n 6days...
n still counting.

this week is d beginning of semester.
i got 6classes; teaching 2 courses; 6 different faculties.

compared to previous sem,
i had only 5classes.
d timetable was superb!
this sem is a lot more challenging for me.
i have 1 class starting at 8am!
i hate morning class!
previous sem, d earliest class was at 10am.
monday class was great coz i had only 1class 5pm-7pm.

my classes r from monday-thursday.
friday is reserved for meetings by the English unit.
[thru out d sem,there will b only 1@ 2 meetings only]
so basically, my working days r mon-thurs.
usually, all of us r MIA on fridays. :p
even though d schedule is quite pack,
but i have a bunch of interesting students this sem.
n i am more prepared compared to previous sem.

i start teaching in 2nd meeting with d students.
n still rushing from 1class to another.
my feet r always in pain.
i'm having backache n other preggy-women-diseases.
i'm going to teach up to week 8.
then i should b ready for my bb!

hopefully i can wait until week 8.
i'm quite worried that i might deliver
earlier than d expected date.
itu urusan Allan.
hope everything will b okay!

btw, i noe i should learn to b grateful.
keje rileks je sebenarnye.
but myb i'm already in my 3rd trimester,
i feel tired n hungry all d time.
compared to those yg keje lg penat,
i'm happy with my job!


Mummy Iman said...

3rd trimester mmg lapa slalu.kene byk kumpol tenaga utk deliver nnt.
btw byk bjln beh mbantu bukaan jln utk baby tau.doc yg ckp.

akk byk bjln dulu n it works!!
3 jam je skt compared to other people yg skt bbelas jam

take care k~

::LiYa:: said...

penah dengar org cakap elok berjalan.
n mmg lya pon bile berjalan penat2 tu dok bayangkan kemudahan mase bersalin nnti!hehehehe...