Sunday, October 24, 2010

++ 4 mOnThs pLus n GoiNg oN ++

sudah melepasi 1st trimester...
baby sehat...mummynye pon begitu...
ayah berganda ganda sehat...

bb enjoys kicking mum's tummy nowadays.
wut an experience!
z pon da merasa kena kick!
doc cakap bb is very active!

oh yes.
i went for checkeup at pantai pu3 ipoh last 2weeks.
if everything is on schedule,
i will deliver d bb there with datin dr mimin.
hopefully bb ikut schedule :)

dr mimin used 4d scan n showed bb's face.
OMG.looking at ur own bb dat very 1st tym,
i was soooo excited.
n d gender is also known.

thank u Allah for d greatest gift ever.

starting next month we r going to start
for bb's stuffs hunting.
sgt excited!
rompers are super duper cutes!
can't get my eyes from them!

till here then.
oh btw, gov gives 3months delivering leaves!

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