Sunday, October 24, 2010

++ SoMeTimEs ++

reading thru frens blogs,

fb updates,

photos uploads n etc,

i guess i miss how single life would b.

some of my frens r still searching for d right guy.

even though i’m already married,

but SOMETIMES i miss the single life momentos.

i still remember how flirty i used to b. ;p

how it felt to be chased after.

to be wanted.


seeing my frens are almost finishing their final year in Masters,

breaking my heart silently.

i was d one who used to dream about getting Masters straight after


but here i am. still a degree holder with an extensive of marriage

certificate n soon to own a newly born bb’s certificate.hiks.

even though i have a secured career which enables me to do my

Masters anytime i want, but SOMETIMES i can’t lie myself.i want it

the way i planned it.

people r telling me how lucky i am.

they say that i’m already few steps ahead from them.

but we used to have ambitions.

n when they didn’t come out they way u expected,

this is wut u will feel. :)


no matter how SOMETIMES these feelings creep thru,

i know dat deep down inside i am ALWAYS happy.

i just need to learn to be grateful.

looking life at positive sides.

because it is true.

i am a few steps ahead.

and with two valuables treasure that i own [bb n bb’s dd],

life would never been better than this.

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