Wednesday, August 25, 2010

++ 15 RaMadHaN ++

it's been two weeks before i hv d feeling of blogging again.

tu pon sbb ayun kol suh update.



but i'm kindda bored with blogspot.

moving to a new,fresh blogsphere soon~

it's been two weeks of fasting.

n alhamdulillah mummy n bb r still fasting.

thank u Allah for making it easy for us.


since getting married,

my hubby n i havent got d chance

to go back to our hometown.

it's almost 3months already.

this wiken i'm going back to hometown,


hubby cant take any leave anymore.

n i desperately need to go home

as i need a massage due to d impact of d recent accident.


us both involved in road accident last 2 weeks.

my car is in d total damaged.

but thanks Allah we are fine.

juz minor scratches n me got d pain at d leg.



hubby got his hari raye bonus.

hmm hmm...

need to do some shoppings soon...

till here...

my baby aga...=(